Amplify Beauty Kit ~ Coy & Gleam by Elate

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Give with intention and amplify the positive energy of the season with the Amplify Beauty Kit - a thoughtfully curated bundle featuring all the Elate Essentials that comes in a sustainably made seed paper package.

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This limited edition kit comes with the best selling Elate Essential Mascara, Coy LipColour and Gleam EyeColour Pencil - adding a festive red lip and an illuminating glow to any beauty style this season.

Coy LipColour Pencil is a poppy red hue with warm undertones.

Gleam EyeColour Pencil is a pearl hue with cool undertones, perfect for everyday shine.

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LipColour Pencil:

Use as a lip liner and base to your Elate Lipsticks or as a sustainable lip colour. Mix and match lip pencil with lipstick for a custom shade. For a round and full lip, start at the cupids bow and create a V. Next, start from the outer corner and draw a line to the V you just created. For the bottom lip, line from the outer corners to the middle. Fill in or leave a bold line.

EyeColour Pencil:

Apply these shimmering creme pencils all over the eyelids, below the brows, down the center of the nose, or highlight the cheekbones for an effortless glow.

From digital festivities to intimate settings, these multi-use pencils glisten on the skin in the most delicate way.

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Amplify Beauty Kit:

Made of compostable, seed paper - ideal for low waste gift giving. When the season is right, plant and grow beautiful wildflowers

Elate Essential Mascara:

Your Essential Mascara will come packaged in a recyclable plastic inner tube, encased in bamboo. This is not a zero waste product. Disposal:Crush the bamboo tube and compost. Thoroughly wash and recycle the rest with your household recycling.

EyeColour and LipColour Pencils:

The lid is corn-derived to reduce plastic usage in the making of this product and lower environmental emissions, and the California cedarwood is PEFC certified which guarantees sustainable forest management. The labelling on the pencil is water-based paint, however the coloured end-cap is made of Urethane Acrylate and nitrocellulose and is not biodegradable.


The lid of the pencil can be industrially composted (please check with your local governmental systems), or disposed of in your household garbage along with the remnants of the pencil.

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