About Our Passion!

Our vision is to bring you the most natural, holistic, nontoxic forms of Beauty & Wellness Solutions


We take pride in building trusting, altruistic relationships with our clients.

Sales can be messy, forced, and sometimes leave you feeling ripped off or deceived. Our unique approach embodies being passionate enough to stand behind our brands 100%! We do not carry anything that is not approved by us first.

At MelleyBeanBeauty & Wellness it is our goal to not just offer a product or brand, but a lasting solution and a healthier lifestyle.

Let us share our passion with you!


Knowledge is power!

The market is unfortunately rampant with false advertising and marketing schemes that claim products are natural, organic, or ethically sourced.

In Canada, a product can have less than 2% organic or naturally-derived ingredients within it and still be called natural and/or organic. Many ingredients can be not listed or hidden within other things like "fragrance".

Knowing which ingredients can be harmful is the best way to ensure that you are using safe, toxin-free substances. At MelleyBeanBeauty & Wellness we take care of this for you. We strive for continued education and sharing this knowledge with our clients.

Our motto is "The More you Know the More you Grow".


We try our best to only carry brands that are well-founded sources of sustainable and ethical ingredients. The more organic and green the better!

We believe in a waste not want not philosophy, so partnering with brands that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable and want to make a global change is paramount to us.

We are a 100% paperless company that reuses as much shipping packaging as possible.

We are always looking for ways to improve our company and how we impact the community.

The Team

Our team is dedicated to help you get your health on track by offering unique products all in one place. We feel strongly about only using safe, nontoxic products no matter what.

Years of saturation of harmful chemical beauty products, parabens, sulfates, carcinogens and many other toxic ingredients can ultimately cause irreparable damage to one's health as well as the environment.

MelleyBeanBeauty & Wellness was created because the founder became allergic and very ill due to marinating in toxins and she wants to revolutionize the out of control, harmful, unregulated beauty industry so that others may not suffer these lasting side-effects. The most detrimental room in your home to your health is your bathroom.

Our team has over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, experience in alternative medicine, counselling, and naturopathic remedies. We want to share our passion of pure cosmetics, safe personal hygiene products, homeopathics, superior natural vitamins and supplements in a holistic and person-centered approach.


Years of Experience In Beauty & Health

We hope to take this journey with you!